Top 5 Self-Publishing Mistakes Other People Have Made (So You Don't Have To)

self-publishing Mar 06, 2020

Millions Of Authors Have Already Made Countless Self-publishing Mistakes. These 5 Have Will The Most Measurable Impact On Your Success.

Half of all self-published books make less than $500 in their first year, and the median income (from writing) of a self-published author is less than $2,999 per year [1]. Yet the top 10% of self-published authors are somehow able to earn $100,000 or more [1]. So what is the difference between authors who are wildly successful at self-publishing their writing and those that are just average? It isn’t just about writing a good book; there are a handful of self-publishing mistakes that can kill a book’s potential popularity and/or profit before your readers even start reading.

Mistake 1: Not Sticking To A Writing/Editorial/Publishing Timeline

Simply put, the more efficiently you use your time while creating your book, the more profits you can make from self-publishing. The more books you self-publish, the greater your profits will be,...

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