How To Use A Novella As A Lead Magnet And Grow Your Audience

self-publishing Aug 19, 2020

Thinking about new and fresh ways to get readers onto your mailing list? While many authors choose to give away their first-in-series, the effectiveness isn’t quite what it once was, and also – how many writers have a full novel to give away? 

It may be a great decision for the author who’s backlist is already in the double digits, but for those of us just getting started, giving away a novel that’s taken you months, if not years to write and publish is a big ask. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to. If you have a series with some great characters that are “off-screen” for a time, have an interesting backstory, or if there’s a time gap between books, then writing and giving away a novella is a much better way to achieve the same result. 

What is a Lead Magnet? 

Lead magnets are used everywhere by marketers as an incentive for people to take a positive step usually involving, in exchange for an email address, some sort...

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5 Reasons You Need To Use A Character Outline (& A Professional Template To Get You Started)

self-publishing Aug 12, 2020

If you do nothing else before you sit down to write your story, pause to write at least one character outline. Why? Here are 5 reasons to write a character outline and then we’ll share our character outline template to help you get started. 

5 Reasons to Write a Character Outline  

  1. Characters Drive Plot: You’ll hear people talk about character-driven stories and plot-driven stories, but in reality, your story should always be character-driven. The term character-driven often refers to quiet stories of inner change and turmoil, but if you want your story to resonate with readers, it should be driven by your character’s decisions and reactions. When you know your character inside-out, their decisions and reactions will be organic and move your plot forward.

  2. Less Editing: There’s nothing more frustrating than finishing your book, giving it to beta readers, and getting comments back like “I don’t believe they would act this...
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30 First Line Ideas to Get the Writer And Reader Hooked

self-publishing Aug 06, 2020

First lines are tricky – you almost always end up changing them once you finish the book, but without one, you can’t start. Better still, a great first line generator or list of first line ideas is a great place to start when you’re looking for a new project or to get the creative juices flowing.

The best thing about a first line generator and first line ideas is they can work to give you new ideas in almost any genre. Yes, your first line needs to set the tone and expectations for what’s to come, but a first line for a romance could spark an amazing thriller idea in your mind.

So, here are 30 first line ideas to hook the reader and writer! 

  1. He’d crawled into small spaces before, but this was a step too far.
  2. The first time I saw him, I threw up all over my new Louboutins.
  3. “I killed him,” I said with a dry throat. “It was me.” The lie detector beeped furiously. Lie, it said.
  4. The news reporter said the head was found in a...
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11 Actionable Tips for Marketing Self-Published Books on a Budget

self-publishing Jul 30, 2020

You can write the best book in the world, but without the right marketing no one will be able to find it! Learning how to market self-published books takes time, but with these 11 actionable tips for marketing self-published books on a budget, you’ll be able to give your work the kick start it deserves.

Visit the Self-Publishing Hero homepage for more information. 

1.   Build a Website

Do you have to have a website to be successful? No, but it’s going to make it so much easier if you do, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Building a website is easy these days and is also low cost. All you need to get started is a simple site and landing page that shows visitors which books you have available, and where they can get them. If you want to make it more sophisticated, awesome, but for now it can simply be your online home.

2.   Start a Newsletter

If you do nothing else after reading this article, set up a mailing list. This is a little more...

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How to Choose a Book Font for Your Book and Why It Matters!

book font self-publishing Jul 22, 2020

If you’re a writer and bibliophile, then there’s a strong likelihood that you are someone that loves a good font. In fact, you may even be able to point to some of the books on your shelves and say, “now that’s a great book font!”

However, knowing which book fonts you love for interiors and covers is difficult, since they’re never listed. Even a Google search rarely brings up more than some educated guesses from other book font-loving writers who want their manuscript to have the same “feel”.

And that’s what it really comes down to and why choosing the best fonts for books is so important. It’s not only about making your book legible and easy to read, but it can set the tone for your book. A historical novel will look best in a serif font, while a science fiction will look best in a sans serif font.

There are a whopping 32,000 typefaces, so it’s no surprise that the sheer volume of choices can be overwhelming for a...

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3 Ways Establishing A Creative Routine With Morning Pages Make You A Better Author

Morning pages and similar daily free-writing habits that facilitate creativity make authors’ writing stronger, more unique, and more self-assured.

The muses are fickle. If you wait for inspiration to strike before writing, you’ll likely just find other things to do instead.

However, if you establish a creative routine, it will become easier to create healthy boundaries around your writing practice so you follow through with your plans, maintain momentum towards your goals, and move forward with your career. In the case of creative routines like morning pages, regular practice doesn’t just help develop skills and ideas; it also builds discipline, which is an empirically proven component of success among authors, artists, and other creatives.

What Is Morning Pages?

Morning pages is a common creative routine among successful authors. Most often, it is a practice of doing completely unstructured writing (about 750 words of it) first thing in the morning. This...

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Top Amazon Bestsellers in 2020 That Have Been Self-Published

self-publishing Jul 10, 2020

A decade ago, self-publishing was in its infancy, and still considered to be an option only those who couldn’t get a traditional deal would take. However, now ten years later, we’ve seen authorship become just as independent and successful as other forms of art, and that includes hundreds of breakout self-published best sellers. 

What are the average sales for self-published books? 

If you do a Google search for author earnings, you’ll be bombarded with fearmongering headlines about dropping author earnings – but if you look behind closed doors, you know that simply isn’t true. 

The popular Facebook Group 20Booksto50K is a hub for indie authors both small and large, and if you spend even a week observing the group, you’ll see authors hitting huge income goals – even of 6 figures a month, as well as new authors getting hitting their stride and making their first $1,000 a month. 

While you’ll find traditional authors...

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Tips To Rank Your Fiction Book High in Amazon Search Results

self-publishing Jul 03, 2020

Wondering how to rank your book on Amazon search results? It’s a common question for new fiction authors, and it’s one that can seem like a serious problem. After all those months (or years) spent thinking about your book, writing it, and preparing it for publication, an Amazon rank increase can feel like the only thing standing between you and success.

But… how do you rank a book on Amazon? Here are our top Amazon ranking tips and amazon promo tips to help you get your book the attention it deserves.

Amazon Ranking Tips & Amazon Promo Tips
Amazon Ranking Tips: Give Your Book a Good Start

If this is your first book, then you simply need to focus on getting it finished before you worry about promoting it, but once your manuscript is complete (with no plot holes or major edits to be done), you need to start thinking about early promotion.

The best way to do this – and to get your book off to a great start on the Amazon rankings – is with a ...

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4 Reasons Why Social Media is Important for Promoting Your Self-Published Book

self-publishing Jun 27, 2020

Writers adore writing, but few feel passionate about marketing. Of course, if we want our books to be successful, then we have to learn at least a little about how to go about it. So, you start your newsletter list and learn about ads and freebies, but your social media accounts sit relatively empty. Do you really have to keep them up to date? (Or start one at all?)

Well, in short, yes. Can you have a successful book without using social media at all? Sure, but only if you’re that star that rockets to the top. The truth is, a lot of success for self-published authors comes as a result of getting enough eyes on their books, with the right marketing techniques, that the books were allowed to speak for themselves.

So, why and how should you develop a self-publishing social media strategy?

Why and How to Promote a Fiction Book on Social Media

1.    You Can Connect With Your Most Adoring Fans

Why: You can even do this before your book comes out. Of course, true...

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10 Tips for Setting Up a Successful Writing Process for Self-Published Writers

self-publishing Jun 19, 2020

Self-publishing your books now isn’t something just a few daring writers do, it’s a legitimate way to get your books out into the world, capture the imagination of readers, and make good (if not great!) money. Of course, you can’t self-publish successfully if you don’t have books finished and ready to publish, so how can you go about setting up a successful writing process? Here are 10 fiction writer tips on how to organize your writing process. 

Tip #1: Figure Out How to Finish a Book (If You’ve Never Finished One)

This tip goes for both those who have never finished a book and those who have. If you don’t yet know how to finish a book, you need to do everything you can to push through to that endpoint. It doesn’t matter if the whole book needs rewriting; you just need to reach that period on the end of the last word.

Tip #2: Figure Out How to Finish a Book (If You Already Have)

If you have finished a book (or five), you need to think...

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