Amazon Self-Publishing Royalties Structure & Calculator

self-publishing Jan 07, 2021

So you’ve written your book, you’ve formatted, and maybe you’ve even hit publish. When you’re choosing your pricing within KDP, you’ll learn that the way Amazon calculates self-publishing royalties varies. Today, we’ll guide you through what that means for you. 

Amazon Self-Publishing Royalties 

eBook Royalties

Amazon offers two different ebook royalty structures: a 70% royalty, available for those pricing their work at $2.99-$9.99, and a 35% option for those pricing above or below that price. 

That price changes depending on the currency, but Amazon tells you how much you need to price your book at to achieve the 70% royalty rate. 

Print Royalties 

If you print using Amazon-only distribution through KDP, your royalty rate will be 60%. If you use Amazon to produce your print book for all retailers, you’ll get a 40% royalty. 

If you aren’t going to be publishing to Amazon exclusively, it’s best to use...

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40 Top Fiction Writing Prompts to Get Those Keys Clacking (Historical, Romance, Adventure & More!)

self-publishing Jan 01, 2021

Looking for some fiction writing prompts to get those keys clacking and fingers flying? If so, you’re in the right place! Inspiration isn’t always flowing freely, so when you need a jumping off point, fiction writing prompts are the best place to start. We’ve listed prompts for a wide range of genres below, but feel free to pick one listed under a different genre and twist it for your own tastes. 

Take the prompts below and ask yourself: why? Who? When? What happens next? 

Adventure Writing Prompts 

  • A sea captain’s crew is mutinying. 
  • Shipwrecked on an island, your character must… 
  • With their bag on their back, and twenty dollars in your pocket, your character sets out from Charleston to reach Los Angeles. 
  • When your character breaks free from jail, they set out to take revenge on those that wronged them. 
  • Tales of an ancient city deep in the jungle have echoed for hundreds of years. Now, your character is about to...
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How to Format a Fiction Novel for Self-Publishing: 7 Rules

self-publishing Dec 23, 2020

So you’ve done the hard work of planning, writing, and editing your novel, and you’re at the exciting point where you’re wondering how to format a manuscript for self-publishing. Firstly, congratulations! There are many writers who never make it to this stage. When you follow prolific writers, it’s easy to feel behind, so don’t forget to stop and smell the roses! 

Formatting a novel for self-publishing can be one of the most daunting parts of the process, largely because most authors do it themselves. While the exact steps you need to take will differ depending on which software you use, there are 7 rules every author needs to follow. Let’s explore those rules, and then we’ll cover some of the best pieces of software to use. 

How to Format a Novel for Self-Publishing: 7 Rules 

  • Format the Indents Don’t Hit Tab! 

This rule is going to make you want to cry if you’ve done exactly that, but using tab instead of...

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Learn From Bestsellers: Dissecting The Covers of 5 Successful Fiction Books

self-publishing Dec 14, 2020

As children, many of us are told not to judge a book by its cover, but the truth is that this is the number one way we first notice our next read. We look for covers that appeal to us, that look like other books we’ve loved, and that have a high-quality design. 

As self-publishing has become more mainstream, the quality of cover has become incredibly high. You can’t afford to throw up a cover that looks like you’ve put it together in MS Word. However, the good news is that if you find your cover isn’t working, you can always replace it. Today, we’ll look at 5 successful books and dissect their covers so you can learn what they’re doing right and apply that to your own fiction book cover strategy.  

5 Successful Fiction Book Covers 

Many people follow book trends and find themselves looking for a book similar to ones they've already read, but different. These five books cash in on that habit by making it clear which respective genre...

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What is an Author Press Kit? Why You Need One + Free Template!

self-publishing Dec 08, 2020

Writing a book is just the beginning. Having written it, you need people to buy and read it, and that means creating a marketing strategy. A super important part of the advertising jigsaw is your author press kit. You can keep it to hand for when you talk to reviewers or journalists, or you can make it available on your author website. 

Don’t have one yet or don’t know what should be in it? Don’t worry, it is pretty straightforward! 

What is an Author Press Kit? 

An author press kit (also known as a book media kit when it’s for a single book) is a one- or two-page sheet with all the information a member of the media may need. Below, you’ll find a list of what they typically include – you can also use all these points as a template to follow for your own author press kit.  

What’s in an Author Press Kit? Your Author Press Kit Template

1. Contact Information

Okay, so this is a no-brainer but make sure it is clear and...

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Making Money Self-Publishing Fiction: The Complete Guide

self-publishing Dec 04, 2020

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning, with the whole day ahead of you. All you need to do today is write your stories. Your bank account is healthy, and you don’t have to get up and go to work. Sounds like the dream, right? Well, if you make money Kindle publishing, this could really be your life! 

Making money with Kindle is a great way to give you more time, creative, and financial freedom, but it’s also not always easy. If it were, everyone would be writing full time. So, how can you be one of the lucky ones? Let’s look at all the components you’re going to need to be successful in making money Kindle publishing your fiction. 

How to Publish Your Own Book and Make Money 

Wondering how to make money writing a book? Here’s what you need to keep in mind: 

  • Pick your genre and subgenre: any popular subgenre offers a good opportunity to make money, so don’t write something you’ve never read or watched. If you...
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6 Best Book Illustration Software Products For Self-Publishers

self-publishing Nov 25, 2020

Art is a huge piece of the self-publishing puzzle. Whether you simply need a cover, want a custom map illustration, some illustrations for within the pages, or an entire picture book done, you’re going to need the right book illustration software to do it. 

Fortunately, there are some incredible options for all budgets, so let’s get straight into the list. 

6 Best Book Illustration Software for Self-Publishers 

These two are tried and true – and are two of the most versatile pieces of software available and now that you can get Adobe Creative Cloud, you can get them plus all the other apps in the suite for around $40 a month, depending on how and when you buy. (Many people have had success talking to the sales team or buying on a sale.) 

Both pieces of software take some learning, but once you have an even adequate amount of skill, you’ll be able to create incredible illustrations and art for your...

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Think You Can’t Afford Self-Publishing or a Proper Editor? Do This Today!

self-publishing Nov 18, 2020

“I can’t afford self-publishing.”

Self-publishing doesn’t have to be expensive, and money shouldn’t be a barrier to getting your work in the hands of readers on your terms. If you’re considering going the traditional route so you don’t have to cover your own costs, you’re not alone. “I can’t afford self-publishing” is a common refrain. 

If you do have the cash, sure, there are some things you can pay for that make the job simpler and maybe more polished. But that shouldn’t stop you. If you think you are in a “I can’t afford an editor for self-publishing” situation, let’s look at the costs involved and where you can save money. And where it might be worth spending what you can. 

Can’t afford self-publishing? A Guide to the Costs 

Can’t afford editor self-publishing: 

Editors can be costly – and so they should be! If they’re going to make...

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How To Avoid Legal Trouble With Your Self-Published Books

self-publishing Nov 11, 2020

Going into business, whether you’re self-publishing or otherwise, is a daunting task. There are many things to take into account, but one of the most important things to consider is whether you’re protected legally. 

When we’re writing fiction, it’s easy to get swept away in the creativity and just assume that your ideas and characters are all your own so you needn’t worry about any legal problems. And referencing real-life people and places shouldn’t be a problem – any book set in the real world does it. 

However, it’s important to note that there is a risk that your characters and their actions, even their names, might bear such a close similarity to a living individual that you can get into problems over defamation. 

This guide will make you aware of some of the potential pitfalls to watch out for so you can avoid getting sued for a book you’ve written.

What does Defamation mean?

Defamation is a term that covers...

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Can You Sell Your Self-Published Book At A Bookstore? Dispelling The Myths

self-publishing Nov 04, 2020

Self-publishing used to carry a stigma, but nowadays the world understands the importance of independent artists and authors. Being able to put your art out into the world without trying to get past gatekeepers is powerful, and it’s something all artists now strive to do. But there still seems to be one major hurdle: getting your books into brick and mortar stores. 

So, can self-published books be in bookstores? Do bookstores sell self-published books? 

Well, yes, they can, but you need to have the right pieces in place if you’re going to see your books on the shelves. Here are 5 top tips to help dispel the myths and get your books in stores. 

Do Bookstores Sell Self-Published Books? 5 Top Tips to Get Yours In Store 

1. Understand How Bookstores Work 

The first thing you need to do is understand how bookstores work, how they choose the books they buy, and where they buy their books from. Except in a few cases, few book stores will order...

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