How Authors Are Using A Proven Digital Marketing Strategy
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You Must Have A Digital Marketing Strategy Or You Will Never Reach Your Audience

The All-New Book Store.

Most book purchases now and in the near future will be made from the palm of a readers hand. Due to the proliferation of reading devices the digital bookstore is taking over the traditional book store. As an author, you must have a digital marketing strategy in order to attract readers from these HUGE online platforms.

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How We Can Help You Sell More Books

Digital Strategy

Why this is the most essential ingredient for self-publishing success.

Book Launches

Why most authors fail to launch their novels successfully and how you can avoid these mistakes.

Audience Building

How to do this via automation so you can spend more time writing.


See how advertising can get your books into readers hands worldwide. 24/7/365

Sell Books In Any Fiction Genre And Build Yourself A Writing Career As An Author

Learn to sell more Crime, Romance, Sci-fi, Young Adult, Action Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Historical, Magical Realism, Saga & Literary Fiction and many, many more genres.

+ And Children’s Books

Build An Audience Of Loyal Readers

Authors must focus on building an audience of loyal readers in order to have a sustainable career. Owning your very own audience makes book sales predictable and scaleable.

Set Up Using Our Easy To Follow Blueprint

Premium Consulting Service

Self-Publishing Hero is a 100% full consulting service and optimised digital marketing program for fiction authors.

Traffic Creation

We help you create digital marketing campaigns so you can grow your audience and sell more books.

Understand Your True RTV

Read Through Value is the key to unlocking profitable advertising campaigns by guiding readers through your entire catalogue.

No More “Wasted Time” On Social Media

When it comes to book sales social media can be a distraction. We show you how to automate the process so you can create more writing time for yourself.

Make Your Book Marketing & Advertising Smarter

Google and Facebook use pixels to find you readers more effectively. We show you how to make the most of this retargeting to build and eco-system within these platforms that can help you sell books forever.

All The Confusing Marketing Converted Into An Easy To Follow Self-Publishing Fiction Road Map

Here’s What Our Authors Are Saying

Our authors aren’t just satisfied, they have successfully launched their writing careers!

Authors Must Know How Much A Reader Spends Over Their Entire Catalogue

It’s not about selling one book but lots of books to the same reader. We help you build a LONG sales funnel, to create recurring book sales - from a readers very first click to their very last click over days, months and years across your entire catalogue.

Get To Know Your Customers True RTV

We help you understand your readers every move from their first ad click to… forever. This lets you see the long-term VALUE of a reader from when they start engaging with you as an author and reading your books.

See the entire breakdown of all your book sales and how profitable it REALLY is.

It is one thing to run ads to your books and another to run them super profitably. Understand the fundamental economics that drive book sales so you can leverage the power of digital marketing platforms.

Author Catalogue

Organic Content

Audience Building

Email Marketing

Social Media Ads

Book Sales

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bookbub Ads, AMS Ads and more!

We Are so Confident That You Will

Build An Audience, Sell Books and Dominate Your Genre...

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